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A Voice of One's Own

New Opera

Program Notes

A Voice of One’s Own is a music drama for four voices and electronics with music by Amanda Martikainen and libretto by Shannon Murray and Elizabeth Doss. Inspired by the writings of Virginia Woolf and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, the narrative follows Aurora and her estranged mother, Maria, in their struggles against a world that seeks to erase them and their dreams. With a core team of women, we hope to encourage other women to find their unique voice.

The work held its world premiere at the TBH Center in Houston, TX. A full length recording is available, as well as a highlight reel.

Our Collaborators:

Watch a highlight reel of this new opera. Audio recording produced, mixed & mastered by Micahel T. Silva.

Production for this reel was generously provided by Sílbaca.

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